We are pleased to invite you to visit

the 15th International Conference on Rodent Biology


held in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

July 25 – 29, 2016


The 5-day conference covers all aspects of rodent biology, such as genetics, phylogeography and taxonomy, behaviour and behavioural ecology, physiology and sensory biology, population dynamics and ecology, parasites and diseases, invasions, evolution and systematics, applied ecology and rodent management.

The invited speakers are:

prof. Ottar Bjørnstad (Penn State University, U.S.A.): population ecology and population dynamics with particular emphasis on mathematical and computational aspects

• Dr. Gerald Heckel (University of Bern, Switzerland): evolutionary biology from speciation and reproductive isolation, over colonisation and invasion processes, host-pathogen co-evolution, the molecular ecology of mating systems to the evolution of behaviorally-active genes

• prof. Nancy Solomon (Miami University, U.S.A.): ecology, reproduction and behaviour of small mammals

• Dr. Stuart J. E. Baird (IVB ASCR, Czech Republic): evolu