We are pleased to invite you to visit

the 15th International Conference on Rodent Biology


held in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

July 25 – 29, 2016


The 5-day conference covers all aspects of rodent biology, such as genetics, phylogeography and taxonomy, behaviour and behavioural ecology, physiology and sensory biology, population dynamics and ecology, parasites and diseases, invasions, evolution and systematics, applied ecology and rodent management.

The invited speakers are:

prof. Ottar Bjørnstad (Penn State University, U.S.A.): population ecology and population dynamics with particular emphasis on mathematical and computational aspects

• Dr. Gerald Heckel (University of Bern, Switzerland): evolutionary biology from speciation and reproductive isolation, over colonisation and invasion processes, host-pathogen co-evolution, the molecular ecology of mating systems to the evolution of behaviorally-active genes

• prof. Nancy Solomon (Miami University, U.S.A.): ecology, reproduction and behaviour of small mammals

• Dr. Stuart J. E. Baird (IVB ASCR, Czech Republic): evolutionary biology, spatial genetics, population genetics, bioinformatics, hybrid zones

Photo: (c) Marian Polák

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc
(17. listopadu 12, Olomouc Czech Republic)

History of the conference


The conference will be held at the Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc
(17. listopadu 12, Olomouc Czech Republic)

A practical map of the conference venues can be downloaded here (.pdf).

Travelling to the conference

Rodens et Spatium began as a series of conferences​ in France in 1987, under the name 'Le rongeur et l'espace'. International expansion took place  in 1993 by the occasion of its 4th edition. The conference has been organized all over Europe and the increasing interest in the conference topic recently took to the adoption of the parallel english name 'International Conference on Rodent Biology'.


14th - Lisbon  (Portugal) - 2014



13th - Rovaniemi (Finland) - 2012

-  Genetics, phylogeography and taxonomy

-  Population dynamics and ecology

-  Parasites and diseases

-  Evolution and development in small mammals

-  Rodent management


12th - Zonguldak (Turkey) - 2010

- Population and Community Ecology

- Phylogeography, Phylogenetics and Systematics

- Physiology

- Behaviour, Behavioural Ecology and communication.

- Parasitology

- Applied Ecology and Rodent management


11th - Myshkin (Russia) - 2008

- Population Ecology & Community Ecology

- Phylogeography, Phylogenetics & Systematics

- Behaviour, Behavioural Ecology & Communication

- Physiology

- Parasitology, Applied Ecology & Rodent Management


10th - Parma (Italy) - 2006

- Morphology, Physiology and Sensory Biology

- Phylogeography and Phylogenetics

- Behavioural Ecology

- Community Ecology and Predation

- Population Ecology

- Parasitology and Applied Ecology

- Rodent management


9th - Lublin (Poland) - 2004

- Morphology, Physiology and Sensory Biology

- Phylogeography and Phylogenetics

- Behavioural Ecology

- Community Ecology and Predation

- Population Ecology and Metapopulation

- Parasitology and Applied Ecology


8th - Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) - 2002

- Community ecology

- Ecophysiology

- Population Ecology

- Ethology and Behavioural Ecology

- Systematics and Evolution

- Ecotoxicology and Parasitology

- Rodent management


7th - České Budějovice (Czech Republic) - 2000

- Diversity in time and space

- Behaviour

- Population Ecology and Genetics

- Ecophysiology and Ecological and Functional Morphology

- Diseases and Applied Ecology


6th - Acre (Israel) - 1998


5th - Rabbat (Morocco) - 1995

- Diversity of Ecophysiological Adaptations to Extreme Environmental Conditions

- Diversity of Rodents-Plants Interactions

- Diversity of Communication Modes and Cognition in Rodents

- Rodents and People

- Evolutionary Biology of Rodents


4th - Mikolajki (Poland) - 1993

- Voles in patchy environments: responses by individuals, populations and communities.

- Rodents: their ecophysiology and behaviour.

- Rodents as ecological and biological indicators.

- Rodents: their systematics, evolution and paleontology.


3rd - Lyon (France) - 1991

- Chemical communication, society and space

- Rodent and Biogeography

- Temporal distribution of activities


2nd - Lyon (France) - 1989

- The rodent in desert environment

- The rodent and historical biogeography

- Environment and resources


1st - Lyon (France) - 1987

- The rodent in desert environment

- Space use and inter-individual relationships

- Space control : orientation in theory and practice

- Physiology and genetics

Local Comittee & Organising Comittee

Emil Tkadlec (Palacký University Olomouc)

Josef Bryja (Institute of Vertebrate Biology AS CR, Brno)

Hynek Burda (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

Marta Heroldova ((Institute of Vertebrate Biology AS CR,  Brno)

Miloš Macholán (Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics AS CR, Brno)

Jaroslav Piálek (Institute of Vertebrate Biology AS CR, Brno)

František Sedláček (University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice)

Radim Šumbera (University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice)

Jan Zima (Institute of Vertebrate Biology AS CR, Brno)

Barbora Boráková (Palacký University Olomouc)


Steering Committee

Linas Balčiauskas - Lithuania

Ana Maria Benedek - Romania

Jean-François Cosson - France

Maria da Luz  Mathias - Portugal

Yasmina Dahmani - Algeria

Abraham  Haim - Israël

Heikki Henttonen - Finland

Farida Khammar - Algeria

Boris Krasnov - Israël

Xavier Lambin - United Kingdom

Éric Le Boulengé - Belgium

Gert Olsson - Sweden

Olga Osipova - Russia

Molly McDonough - USA

Victor Sánchez Cordero - Mexico

František Sedláček - Czech Republic

Takuya Shimada - Japan

Grant Singleton - Australia

Mustafa Sözen - Turkey

Alexey Surov - Russia

Emil Tkadlec - Czech Republic

Nigel Yoccoz - Norway

Jan Zima - Czech Republic

By car

 Olomouc is also conveniently accessible by car from Prague (approx. 3h), Vienna (approx. 2h 35min), Poland and Slovakia. When driving on the motorway you will need to pay road tax. For more information please visit this website.


By train

Olomouc is also easy accessible by train, with access to some high-speed trains. There are three railways companies operating in the Czech Republic: The Czech Rail Company, Leo Express and Reggio Jet. When selecting the train, you have to notice the company and than buy the ticket from it. These companies use trains which provide a fast and convenient connection to Olomouc. Note that some trains request advanced compulsory seat reservation (e.g., Czech Rail Company's Pendolino express). The selling places for tickets of the three companies are situated close to each other in Prague railway station. For further detailed information, please refer to idos.cz or jizdenky.studentagency.cz (both available in English).

Prague - approx. 2h 30min

Brno - approx. 1h 30min

Ostrava - approx. 1h

Warsaw - approx. 5h 30min

Katowice - approx. 3h

Krakow - The only direct train is a night train.


By bus

Travelling by bus is in most cases cheaper than by train, on some occasion also faster. For information about domestic and international timetables, please refer to idos.cz or jizdenky.studentagency.cz (both available in English).


By plane

 Olomouc has no international airport. However, it is easily accessible from all of the following airports by train, bus or car.


Prague: Vaclav Havel Airport, Czech Republic (270km)

Brno: Turany Airport, Czech Republic (80 km)

Ostrava: Leos Janacek Airport, Czech Republic (80 km)

Bratislava – M.R. Stefanik Airport, Slovakia (210 km)

Vienna: Vienna International Airport, Austria (260 km)

Katowice: Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport, Poland (210 km)

Krakow: Kraków-Balice Airport, Poland (265 km)


The most frequent (and direct) train/bus connection is mainly between Olomouc and Prague/Brno/Ostrava. In Prague and Brno, there are frequent buses (30 min intervals between 05:30 and 21:00) connecting airport with the main train station. You can look at train/bus travelling possibilities (also in English and German).


How to get to from the Vaclav Havel Airport to Main Train Station Prague

There is a good network of buses operating to and from the airport including the Airport Express Bus (AE).

Airport Express (AE):

Terminal 1 or 2 to Main Railway Station (Hlavní nádraží) – approx. 30min

Operates every day from 5:30 am – 10:00 pm timetable (CZ)

Departure from Wilsonova street

Tickets available from the driver - 60 CZK

Bus line119: The bus will take you from Prague Airport to Nádraží Veleslavín station (Metro line A) - 15 min - 32 CZK, timetable (CZ),  then you continue by Metro to Hlavní nádraží station (Metro line C). Remeber that you have to change for line C in Muzeum Metro station. The ticket for bus applies to Metro as well. Prague Metro has 3 lines: A (green),  B (yellow), and C (red). The detailed map of Metro lines is here. For further detailed information see this page.


How to get to from the Airport Brno-Turany to Main Train Station Brno and Olomouc

There is a busline no. 76 coming regularly in 20 min intervals from the airport to Brno Hlavní nádraží Railway Station. The bus stop in the airport is situated in front of departure terminal. The bus stop in Brno is situated in front of Grand Hotel close to Brno Main Station. The bus ticket can be obtained directly from the bus driver at 25 Kč or ca 1 EUR (you can also use contactless cards for payment). From Brno you can continue by train. For further detailed information, please refer to the company website  (available in English).





The registration is no longer possible.

Thank you for your understanding.


Early bird registration extended to April 25, 2016

Late registration: up to June 15, 2016

Reduced fee for students up to April 15, 2016

Accompanying persons fee

Conference dinner (July 28, 2016)

Post conference tour in Prague


Deadline for abstract submission: May 25, 2016

Notification of abstract acceptance: June 15, 2016


Registration fee includes: Conference Entry (July 25- 29, 2016), Delegate Pack and Badge, Get-together party (July 25, 2016), Mid-conference tour (July 27, 2016), Lunch x 5 & Refreshments during the Conference.


Accompanying persons fee includes Get-together party (July 25, 2016), Mid-conference tour (July 27, 2016), trips in the Olomouc region



380 EUR

430 EUR

295 EUR

150 EUR

55 EUR

125 EUR

Payment can be made in the following ways:

1) Bank transfer

You will recieve detailed instructions for the payment made by bank transfer in the registration confirmation email. Note that any charges for bank transfer must be covered by the payer.


2) At the registration desk upon arrival

The payment is possible only in CASH and in EUR.

Please note that this option applies only if you are not attending any of the trips (mid-conference tour, post-conference tour or trips for accompanying persons.)


The deadline has passed – abstracts can no longer be submitted



There will be usual equipment for lectures – PC with installed MS Office. You can use PowerPoint MS or Adobe Acrobat for your lecture, if you need any other special software, do not hesitate to contact us.



Paper posters of size up to 120 × 100 cm (portrait) will be temporarily glued on boards.



Abstract should involve full title, full names of all authors and coauthors, their affiliations, e-mail address of a corresponding author and text part of length up to about 2 000 letters (including spaces). For oral presentations from more than one author please fill in the field "other authors"


Notification of abstract acceptance: June 15, 2016

We are pleased to announce that the Journal Diversity will publish selected full-text conference papers after peer review as a special issue entitled "Selected Papers
from Rodens et Spatium 2016“
. The journal can offer to publish 5 conference papers in Open Access form with article publishing fees waived (that is equal to 800 CHF each).
*Deadline for manuscript submission: 30 October, 2016

If you interested to publish your conference paper in the Journal Diversity or have any questions, please contact Wei Zhang, Assistant Editor: diversity@mdpi.com



Call for Symposium and Workshop Proposals

Deadline: 30th April 2016

The 15th International International Conference on Rodent Biology, Rodens et Spatium 15 (R&S15), will be held in OlomoucCzech Republic, from 25th to 29th July 2016. The Organising Committee is now inviting proposals for Symposia and Workshops for inclusion in the program. Symposia and Workshop titles will be numbered and listed on the Symposia platform and conference participants submitting abstracts will be able to nominate a symposium with which they feel their contribution is compatible. The Local Committe will negotiate with the symposium organiser on the inclusion of presentations from open submission.

Symposium proposals should comprise a title and brief description of the topics which are covered by the symposium (usually not longer than 200 words). We encourage inclusion of a diversity of views and perspectives. Ideally, each symposium will constitute a session of 6-8 time slots. But symposia may include additional sessions if demand through open submission is high. Potential symposium and workshop organisers are required to provide email confirmation from the proposed speakers when submitting their proposal. Workshops should generally focus on methodologies.

NOTICE: If you are a Google Chrome user, you may need to manually refresh this page (e.g. by pressing F5) to make sure you see the up-to-date version on the proposals list.


The conference starts on Monday at 9 AM and is expected to end on Friday at lunchtime.

A post-conference tour to Prague is planned from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening including two overnight stays in hotels.



Sunday, July 24

16:00–19:00  registration

Monday, July 25

7:30–9:00  registration

9:00-17:15 lectures, symposia, posters
17:15-19:00 guided tour of Olomouc

19:30-24:00  welcome party at the Faculty of Science


Tuesday, July 26

9:00- 17:00 lectures, symposia, posters


Wednesday, July 27

7:30-19:00 mid conference tour — including all the following locations:

Museum of Olomouc cheese

Bouzov Castle

Hydroelectric power station at Dlouhé Stráně

The detailed conference guide

can be downloaded here (.pdf)


A practical map of the conference venues
can be downloaded here (.pdf)

Thursday, July 28

9:00-17:30 lectures, symposia, posters

19:30-24:00 banquet


Friday, July 29

9:00-12:30 last plenary lecture, final symposium, closing session

12:30-14:00  lunch


Friday-Saturday, July 29-30

Post Conference Tour in Prague (125 EUR)

The price includes:

- Transport from Olomouc to Prague by air-conditioned bus

- 2 overnight stays in 4 star hotels with breakfast

- Full-day tour in Prague with an English speaking guide

- 1-hour bus tour

- 1-hour river cruise

The price does not include:

- entrance fees

- hotel dinner (9-13 EUR)

- lunch in the historical restaurant (up to 10 EUR)

Programme & prices are subject to changes and subject to confirmation.

The book of proceedings

can be downloaded here (.pdf)




Pre-reserved accommodation:

Please use the password "rodens“ when reserving rooms.

*** Hotel Palác

– 1. Máje 27, Olomouc

– 16 rooms reserved until  June 10, 2016

– Single room:  1092 CZK/44 EUR, double room: 1264 CZK/ 52 EUR

– Breakfast included

– a 10-minute walk

– Contact: info@hotelpalac.cz, +420 585 242 175

– Web: www.hotelpalac.cz


**** Business Hotel Alley

– Michalské Stromořadí 5, Olomouc

– 10 rooms reserved until  June 10, 2016

– Single room 1645 CZK, double room 1855 CZK

– Breakfast included

– a 10-minute walk

– Contact: booking@hotel-alley.cz, +420 585 502 999

– Web:  http://www.hotel-alley.com/


***/**** Hotel & Penzion ARIGONE

– Univerzitní 20, Olomouc

– 9 rooms reserved until June 10, 2016

– Single room from 1592 CZK, double room from 1832 CZK

– Breakfast included

– a 15-minute walk

– Located in the historical centre

– Contact: hotel@arigone.cz, +420 585 232 351

– Web: http://www.arigone.cz/en/


*** Hotel Ibis

– Wolkerova 29, Olomouc

– 15 rooms reserved until  June 10, 2016

– Single room 1200 CZK, double room 1400 CZK

– Breakfast included

– 6 minutes by tram and then a 5-minute walk

– Contact: H8248-SM@accor.com, +420 585 722 111

– Web: http://www.ibis-olomouc-centre.cz/

***/**** Hotel Flora

– Krapkova 439/34, Olomouc

– 15 rooms reserved until  June 10, 2016

– Single room 750 CZK, double room 1100 CZK

– Breakfast included

– 6 minutes by tram and then a 5-minute walk

– Contact: marketing@hotelflora.cz, +420 585 422 200

– Web: http://www.hotelflora.cz/



**** Clarion Congress Hotel

– Jeremenkova 36, Olomouc

– 20 rooms reserved until  June 10, 2016

– Single room 1700 CZK, double room 1900 CZK

– Breakfast included

– a 20-minute walk or 3 minutes by tram and then a 5-minute walk

– Right at the train station

– Contact: reservation.cchol@clarion-hotels.cz, +420 581 117 114

– Web: http://www.clarioncongresshotelolomouc.com/en/



Dormitory Generála Svobody

–  Šmeralova 1122/12, Olomouc

–  30 rooms reserved until  June 10, 2016

–  Double rooms, 2 neighbouring rooms with shared toilet and shower facilities

– Price: 252–358  CZK  per person and night

– Next to the conference venue, a 150-metre walk

– Payment in Czech crowns is expected at arrival

– Contact: hotel@upol.cz, +420 585 638 016, +420 777 000 202

– Web: http://www.skm.upol.cz/koleje/generala-svobody/


If you don’t choose among the hotels listed above, you can look for other accommodation possibilities here.




In case of any questions regarding the conference , please contact


For scientific programme

prof. Emil Tkadlec (emil.tkadlec@upol.cz – head of the organization commitee)


For registration, payment and practical information

Barbora Boráková (barbora.borakova@upol.cz)

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